Charles Harpur Poem

The poem (Mid Summer Noon) written by an English man named Charles Harpur based his story on the old bushland of Windsor New South Wales. In the poem, Harpur explains that he is out in the bush. Everything like the trees and the grass is quiet and there is a soft gentle breeze.

He talks about different types of animals and bugs that are nowhere to be seen. It’s almost like the bush is a ghost town. There’s no moment anywhere. Harpur makes mention of a humming sound becoming louder and louder as if something was coming closer towards him.

He focuses his eyes and realises it is a beetle but not just any beetle this strange creature was a dragon hornet. He describes the fascinating insect in such detail, as the hornet spreads its wings the blazing sun made the radiant golden yellow appear as if the beetle had flames surrounding it, Harpur was so impressed he described the beetle like a “gem on fire”.

In my opinion, Harpur’s poem is unique and very original. Through my eyes, the poem could be based on Charles Harpur finding love and excitement with his life finding something that makes him feel like his life is exciting.

His poem could also be about his day and this moment he experienced, Harpur could have wanted to share this with the world because he thought it was a amazing moment in his life. In conclusion I found this poem beautifully spoken. It is different and nothing like I’ve heard before.

2 thoughts on “Charles Harpur Poem

  1. PS…. Hi Alana- looking over your work during the semester as a whole, your have done some really fabulous creative work. And thank you so much for all that effort you put in to making our final show the success it really was. So good: your expression, your make up, your beard!!!! and your understanding.
    Thank you- travel well!
    Good wishes


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