Dame Mary Gilmore

Dame Mary Gilmore’s poem “ Eve song “ paints a picture of a woman who is conflicted by her role as a mother and a wife, I agree with this statement because the repetitive words and keywords that Gilmore uses in the poem tells us a story about her life but relates this to all woman that deal with this situation.

“ Eve song “ written by Dame Mary Gilmore tells the reader a story about not only Dame Mary Gilmore but all women who deal with a situation that is similar.
Gilmore tells us about a thread that binds the heart of man, In my opinion, the thread she talks about connects with all females in the world. We are all apart of the chain from the first woman, Eve to traditional women in today’s generation.

Dame Mary Gilmore

She relates entirely to how many women deal with men wondering around not being faithful, men not pulling their weight in the relationship and how that places women in a position where they feel too belittled to stay at home. Through the male perception, our (women’s) job is to stay in the kitchen and be housemaids.

Gilmore discusses the children of mothers and wives who give their lives for their own family, “we are strong and sacrifice our happiness and life so our children can have the best in their life.”

Gilmore than goes on about how the man she once loved isn’t the same man for example “ he said he was strong. He had no strength” this portrays the man to seem as if he was nothing more than just a man.

He didn’t bring joy into her life anymore he just left her with heartache and responsibilities of raising children. The man came back, Gilmore let him back into her heart with open, loving arms like a lot of women, we can always forgive even when partners can be unfaithful.

Overall this situation is like thousands of females in the world and it proves to us that this has always been a habit in our lives. Gilmore tells us ” I span Eve span ” from the first person on the earth to Dame Mary Gilmore to women we see today we still hear the same story this makes us all bond together.

Dame Mary Gilmore stood up for all women, we as a community and a feministic world should stand up for ourselves and each other, Stop this lifestyle! that’s been happening on repeat for years. We are strong, independent women and we have a right to go out, work and deserve the true love and be respected always.

Let’s make a habit throughout all generations and let ourselves have the ability to speak up in toxic relationships and move on to better and bigger things so they can feel the true depth of happiness and not feel chained up or stuck in a place where we feel like there is no unconditional love.

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