In The Waiting Room

The painting “In the waiting room” was made in 1943 by Noel Counihan. In the painting It seems like this elderly woman is in some sort of waiting room hence the name, we can see this can be perceived as a symbolistic point of view as if the women waiting for the depression to end so she can live a happy life. We can see from the edgy colours and the rough design that this lady is experiencing a traumatic time.

Artist : Noel Counihan Date : 1943

The way she is sitting down with her hands in her lap and leaning forward shows the viewer that the women is uncomfortable and at an uneasy time in her life. From the dull colours we can experience the perception that her mind is in a dark place as if she is in a waiting room but with no one around. This represents that she feels alone letting her mind to drift off into deep thought. Is it possible that she is thinking about how to care for her family while the men are at war?

How this painting is an example of human experience in Australia is how all Australians suffered throughout this point in time. As shown in the painting “in the waiting room” it was an era of the great depression. Due to the men being gone at war the woman was put in a position where they had to fend for themselves.

This painting is special due to the deep colours that are used to show the depression emitting off the lady and the contrast of what the painting represents and how it speaks to us metaphorically of how she is feeling in this time. The texture of the strokes look rough and blurry, the artists made it seem as if he painted the canvas fast and rugged.

The women started doing jobs they weren’t allowed to do before because they were ‘women’, they started running the economy the way the men used to. This was a time of evolution for the women of the 19th century. Jobs such as mechanics and oil riggers needed to be continued, the men weren’t around so the women started doing whatever they needed to, for their children and loved ones.

There isn’t much detail throughout the painting but the shadows around the lady’s face shows us how skinny and slim she is. What makes the painting special is how she is wearing a bright red cardigan which makes her stand out, I feel like this red cardigan is a sign of hope that there is going to be a bright future for her family

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