Henry Lawson

“Faces In The Street” Continuation:

Governments and Priest laugh and sing while they play with the needy on a string.
Nothing more than dancing dolls owned by the power of people in control.
They pride around to do meets and greets standing faces to face with the poor forsaken people of the streets.

working on, working on.

To a tune of workers feet.

Oh, I pray to God for the people working on the street.

The fallen Australian heroes of the past we have forgotten.
The faces of the deadbeat fleet their homes, uniforms ironed perfectly neat.
Now lie beneath the places where we sleep, pray and eat.
Blood flows down our creaks into the water that we drink from the soldiers that would march to honor Australia on our united streets.

Digging deep, digging deep.

To the sound of stamping feet.

We see the graves of the men who served and saved our nations streets.

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