Francis Webb “Five days old”

While some believe that Francis Webb was just a mental wreak in an asylum, some people also believed he was “the most unjustly neglected poet of the twentieth century”.

Francis Webb was born in Adelaide along with his three sisters. His father was a musician. His fathers career shortly came to an end due to his father being hospitalised a year later after Francis’s mother sadly passing away, Francis Webb was only two years old. In 1928, Webb and his three sisters were sent to live with their grandparents, Charles and Amy in Sydney. This was when Webb wrote his first poems as a birthday present for his grandmother.

Webb’s first major publication piece was “Palace of Dreams” this was published on The Bulletin in 1942. Soon after Webb’s arrival in England, Seven years after his first published pieces he was then put into a mental asylum because of a suicide attempt. Whilst he was in the mental asylum he wrote his most famous poems such as ‘Birthday’ and ‘The Canticle’

Francis Webb had server schizophrenia which confine him to being in an asylum most of his life. He attempted many times to commit suicide, and went crazy and developed into a chronic depression inside the asylum. 1973 he ended up passing away in Rydalmere, Sydney.

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